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Forget Your New Year’s Resolutions – Set a Long-Term Goal!

By: Antoniya Nemtserova


Every New Year’s Eve we pick some of our negative habits and tell ourselves that this is the year to get rid of them. We wake up enthusiastic on January 1 and start working on kicking that bad habit to the curb. As the months go by people tend to become lazy again and eventually that once mentioned goal verges to oblivion until the following Year. Why is that approximately 40% of Americans share this common goal of trying to improve themselves and why is it that according to University of Scranton only 8% of them actually achieve their goals?

Don’t Overload Your Brain with numerous small and too complicated scenarios for achieving as many small and insignificant goals. Sit down and think seriously what is that single goal, that once achieved would make you truly happy, proud of yourself, and a step closer to your perfect self. Think hard. Make a list. Pick the one and take off. Remember, it is your satisfaction and elevated confidence at the end that is the real ultimate goal of this exercise.

Setting goals is always exciting and motivating, at least in the beginning but the success rate of achieving that specific goal often tends to plummet depending on how vague or immense it is. The pitfall of the excessively complex goal is it may turn into an allegory of unreachable happiness – so close and yet never close enough. A goal whose progress of achievement we cannot measure nor relate to on a daily basis. It is rather detrimental for both, our levels of satisfaction and perspectives for success. That’s why it is better to be specific; instead of promising ourselves to lose an unspecified amount of weight this year, we should decide on how often a week we will go to the gym or how many pounds we want to lose each month.

Quitting smoking is another popular resolution, which is almost impossible to achieve if we don’t realize that making small steps toward it is still progress. It is easier to promote ourselves by cutting in half the number of cigarettes we smoke per day and feel winners, rather than quitting cold turkey.  Saying “I am not going to smoke ever again” will later leave us feeling miserable because we couldn’t keep up with our overrated promise.

Rather than setting a vague goal, be specific! Make baby steps and turn your goal into a habit which is an achievement in itself and eventually can become a long term success.


Managing Stress during the Holidays

By: Wieke von Scheidt

Photo Credit: Holiday Stress


It’s this time of the year again, Thanksgiving has just passed, Christmas is right around the corner and New Year’s is not too far behind either. This can be a very stressful time for families – holiday parties, Christmas shopping, cookie exchanges, and the pressure of New Years Eve plans. With people having all kinds of obligations, November and December are two of the busiest months of the year. That’s why it is important to learn how to manage stress during this time. Here are some tips to help you remain sane.

Plan ahead

Got parties to plan, guests to invite and dinners to organize? Why wait till the last minute? I know it’s hard to get into holiday mood and start planning when Halloween is still two weeks out, but it will take a lot of pressure off of you later. Get your Calendar out, pick some dates, invite guests early, plan your menus, and make a shopping list. If you plan ahead you don’t have to worry about having multiple things on your plate at the same time. Once the organizational part is over, you can sit back, relax a little and start thinking about Christmas gifts. People are also more likely to be able to attend your festivities if you invite them early; most likely their calendar is still empty.

Make a list

If you are one of those last minute shoppers it is no wonder that you are stressed out. Buying gifts takes some thought, especially when you have a big family. Last minute shopping only adds to your stress level because shopping Malls are jam packed with people hurrying to get the last minute presents, just like you. Even if you are jumping into the turmoil with a calm attitude, which I doubt, considering Christmas is only a couple days away, the atmosphere of rush and impatience will rub off on you as soon as you step foot into that Mall. So why do we want to do this to ourselves? Again, plan ahead and make a list early. One of the things I do that helps me get my Christmas shopping done early is listening to friends and family year round and taking note about their complaints regarding a product or a mention of something they want. This way, when Christmas or even birthdays roll around, I always have something handy.

Stick to a budget

Money is probably one of the main factors leading to stress. It doesn’t matter if you have a lot or not you want to have a budget no matter what. Not only for presents but also for the holiday parties you are throwing and those you are attending. So before you go shopping for presents and food decide how much money you have to spend and don’t go over your budget. If you have some money left over from that budget, stick it into a family piggy bank or give back to your community by making a donation. This will not only make someone else happy, it will also make you feel great.

 Leave the planning to someone else

You have been the one planning all the holiday parties, making meal plans and inviting everyone for the past, you cannot even remember how long. Let someone else take charge for once. Ask one of your family members to move Thanksgiving or Christmas to their house this year. “We go overboard to please others during the holidays: shopping, cooking, sending cards, and attending every event,” says George Pratt, PhD, a psychologist at Scripps Memorial Hospital La Jolla in California. “Instead, take care of yourself by saying no at least once—and maybe more.”


 Coping with the Holiday Blues

It’s not unusual to feel sad or depressed during this time of the year. Instead of the joy we are expecting to feel, loneliness often overcomes us when, for instance, thinking of loved ones we have lost. Emotions like that are only normal and need to be recognized as such, especially when still in the grieving period. During this time it is important to stay busy and spent time with the people we care about and who care about us. Try out something new, volunteer, or do something active. Under significant circumstances it may help to seek professional help.

No matter what the case may be that’s adding to your stress level, make a change and learn to manage it better. That way you can really enjoy the holiday period.

Bring the Excitement to your event!

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What do you get?

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How much product do we bring?

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Are You Running out of Things to do This Summer? We Will Help You Get Unbored.

Summer Fun Blog


It’s the time of the year that everybody waits for all winter long. Finally we are able to sit outside again without getting frost bites, wear those shorts that have been laying in your closet for almost a year, and do more fun stuff. I always feel like there is so much more to do in the summer than in the winter. That’s why it’s my favorite time of the year. I constantly find new activities and sometimes have to push some off to the next summer. For others, the summer is much too long especially when they are on school break and they just don’t even know what to do with themselves anymore. That’s where I thought you might appreciate some ideas.


  1. Water is my best Friend in the Summer

If you live in an area that is generally extremely hot in the summer have some fun in the water.

Go to the beach if you live near the ocean. It’s the best way to relax and beat the heat. Make sure you bring lots of water and sunscreen

If you are not so fortunate to live on the coast turn on your garden hose or buy attachable sprinkler. This is especially a fun way to entertain kids.

Have a water fight in your backyard. Buy lots of water balloons, invite some friends and splash them. This might sound silly to grownups but if you combine it with a grill party and some booze I guarantee you it will be a blast.

Build your own slip-and-slide. Another one of those ideas you might think only children can enjoy but you haven’t been on an adult slip and slide then. Just make sure its long, maybe downhill, and you use some soap. The more slippery the better.


  1. Camping

You have never been camping? Now is the time to go explore the wilderness. There are many spots for camping, go on google and find out about camping spots in your area. I personally enjoy small, quiet camping spots that not many people know about. If you are a hiker you can even hike up a local mountain and set tent on top of it. Just make sure you follow camp regulations.


  1. Road Trip

Road trips can be fun when done with the right group of people. You can either, plan ahead and figure out exactly where you are heading, or if you are very adventures you can just drive and let the roads take you places you never knew existed.


  1. Zorbing

Ever heard of rolling down a hill in a giant plastic ball? Lots of people look at me with a big question mark when I ask if they have ever been zorbing. If you go online you might be able to find a place near you that does it. I promise you it is a blast.


  1. Disc Golf

Another of those activities that isn’t too popular but extremely fun and affordable. There are hundreds of disc golf spots across the States, all you have to do is buy some discs, which are relatively cheap and find a course near you. It’s very similar to Frisbee except the discs are a lot heavier and you are aiming for a metal basket. It’s also something you can do over and over again without getting bored because you can visit lots of different courses.


  1. Enjoy Local Events

Anywhere you live, towns and cities offer events, not only in the summer but year round. Personally, I think summer events are especially nice because you can be outside. Some of them might even be free. Check your local newspaper, read signs, and keep your eyes and ears open. I have had the pleasure to enjoy lots of free concerts because I always read through local flyers and newspapers.


  1. Get Active

Are you bored of sitting around go do some sport. There are a variety of outdoor sports, if you don’t like working out inside a gym during the summer. Some states have local leagues you can join. Go out for a run and sign up for a little marathon. Marathons become more and more popular and organizations come up with creative ways to make a run actually be fun, for those who don’t really like to run.


  1. Paddle Board

You don’t necessarily need the ocean to do paddle boarding. A lake is the perfect place for it because the water is nice and calm. Grab some friends and find a place that rents paddle boards. If you are in to it, you can maybe even buy your own and take it wherever you want.


  1. Find a new Hobby

You don’t know what to do anymore? Now is the best time to learn a new hobby. Think about something that you always wanted to try out and do it. There are so many things;  learn an instrument, learn a new sport, go rock climbing, try surfing, paint, acquire new skills. This is when you should do the things you always complain, not finding time for.


10. Explore a big City

If you live near a big city, go visit it. Cities are the best place to end your boredom. You can walk around, visit museums, find new restaurants, go shopping, go dancing, and  meet new people. Cities are fun places if you know how to take advantage of them.

There is absolutely no reason to be bored in the summer and if you still are, you are doing something wrong. Every year I am overwhelmed by the amount of activities live has to offer. There is no reason to sit at home when it’s nice out, unless you don’t like the summer.

What’s Your Signature Drink?

By Wieke von Scheidt


Photo Credit: invitojazz via Compfight cc


It’s 9pm, you just arrived at your local bar, when the bartender doesn’t even give you a second to think about your drink choice. You don’t want to tell him that you are not sure yet because who knows when he is going to come back to you, so the usual happens; you order the same old drink that you have, every time you go out. Everybody has their personal signature drink, whether it is because they love it so much, they are rushed to order every time they go out, or they just don’t know what else to order because they are afraid to try something new.

I have to say the choices of alcoholic beverages are endless and sometimes a bit overwhelming. Personally, I am a fan of cocktails and I fit into any of the three categories above to why I order the same old drink every time I go out. In fact, I actually have two signature drinks; one I love to drink when I am out and just want to have a relaxing evening, and one for the quick buzz. Before I tell you my personal favorites, I would like to talk a little bit more about the so called signature drinks.

The unique beverages have been around for a long time and are often developed after the spirit produced. Some drinks even have stories of their origin. The martini is the most famous cocktail and many variations have been created since its origin. The first Martini poured, was in the 19th century and was called Martinez, after a small Californian town. At that time it was a sweeter version and contained sweet vermouth, gin, bitters and was garnished with a maraschino cherry. In the 20th century the martini changed closer to our known dry variation, only containing gin, bitters, and vermouth. James Bond and its famous line “shaken not stirred”, often comes to peoples mind when speaking of a Martini. The Bond version however, is made with vodka and was born much later than the original. Whichever way Martini Lovers will drink it, the traditional Martini will not go away and remain a signature drink.

Today signature drinks keep gaining in popularity because they represent the unique culture and atmosphere of a place. Therefore many bars and restaurants create their own signature drink that they offer on their menu. My personal favorite for a quiet, relaxed evening is the Mojito, and the one I drink when I need a quick buzz is the Incredible Hulk, because it is very strong.

If you have any signature drinks, and even a story behind it, please tell us about it.

How to Stay Healthy While Traveling

By Wieke von Scheidt

Summer is almost here, or at least we hope it is. This is the time of year when many take vacation to travel, and relax. Kids have long breaks and parents can use up some of their vacation days. If you are traveling this summer it’s a good thing to know some ways to stay fit. Health is something that is often forgotten while traveling. On your next trip try to keep some of these tips in mind.

Explore the Area

Before you travel, plan your trip. Buy a map or a travel guide with interesting places to visit. Once you get to your destination be sure to get out of your accommodation at least once a day and walk around outside. Going for a long walk, whether you are exploring the city, or strolling along the beach is a great way to relax the mind and keep your body going. If it’s raining you can visit museums, shopping centers, or other indoor places that allow you to walk around.

Eat Healthy

While on vacation it is always easy to just get a quick meal from any fast food restaurant, but it is better to take an extra five minutes to bring your own meal. It will also be better for your wallet. For the little hunger in-between you can pack snacks like apples, bananas, and my personal favorite, granola bars. If you still decide to go out to eat choose a restaurant that serves a variety of good foods and make sure to get some vegetables with your meals.

Be Active

Many hotels have amenities such as gyms, swimming pools, tennis courts, and so on. Even if the place you stay at does not offer any of these services, get creative. If the weather is nice, plug your headphones in and go out for a run, hike, or rent a bike. This is also a great way to explore the area.

Take the Stairs

If you stay in a room that is a couple floors up, and not all the way in the sky consider taking the stairs instead of the elevator. Have you been sitting all day, or spent a lazy day lounging by the beach? It will feel good to walk some stairs and maybe stretch. Anywhere you go you will probably find stairs, so make it a habit to use them.

Bring a Workout DVD

In case your hotel does not have any amenities you can always bring some workout DVDs and exercise in your room. Many hotel rooms have DVD players, or you can just bring your own laptop. This is a great way to get a quick workout in, especially if you don’t like exercising around people.

Vacations are a wonderful time to disconnect from our busy lives and truly relax. This does not mean you should take a break from your healthy lifestyle you normally follow. If you are used to working out and staying fit, don’t blow all that hard work by skipping it completely during your vacation. And if you love staying active it should not be a hard task to keep it up while traveling. Do you have any tips on how to stay fit and healthy while traveling? Share your tips and tell us how you stay active below, on our Facebook, or Tweet us.

How Most of You Probably Spend the Weekends!

How Most Of You Probably Spend The Weekend!


It’s Friday and you just got out of work.

You get all dressed up.

Your friends are all ready to go.

It’s never too early to start drinking.

So you can get down on the dance floor.

Before you know it the evening gets all crazy.

The next thing you know, the night is over.

But before you go to sleep, it’s time for a snack.

After that, you and your friends pass out.

The next morning you have the biggest

The only thing that can help you now, is CLAREX.

So you are ready to go again.

On Monday you come back to work,

              Have a great weekend!



    Team CLAREX




CLAREX in the Classroom

By Stephanie Slicis

As any student or former student knows, it can be difficult to stay on task in class. Distractions could be caused by learning a hard topic, monotone teacher, or even the pretty bird right outside the window. We’ve all been there, don’t deny it.

However long you are distracted for, you will miss something that could be fundamental. One second off task could create one confusing hour of trying to catch up. Here are some tips that will help you stay focused no matter how many birds are outside your window.

  1. Be Well Rested

I know, I know, you have heard this advice countless times, but it needs to be reiterated. Our schedules are constantly busy and it seems like sleep is the first thing we sacrifice to get our other tasks done.

Planning your day ahead of time will allow you to arrange making time for sleep. If some of the things on your agenda do not get accomplished, evaluate how crucial it is to get them done that day. Can it be done tomorrow? If so, pour yourself a relaxing cup of decaf tea and then head off to bed.

  1. Be Energized

Yes, this can be done by getting more sleep, but it also involves preparing your body for the day. Make sure to have a full breakfast or lunch before your classes to ensure that you are storing energy.

I would not recommend going to the local coffee shop on or off campus before class. The caffeine can become addictive, which will cause you to consume more just to get you through the day. Another negative about coffee is the countless bathroom trips you might have to take. More trips outside the classroom create more important information missed.

I would however recommend finding an alternative method to get energy through vitamins and dietary supplements. CLAREX is the perfect choice in this case because it is an all-natural supplement that sustains your energy all day. It also formulated to keep your brain focused in alert.

  1. Be Engaged

Remaining involved in the discussion will not only increase your understanding, but it will keep you focused.  Answer or asking questions, reading along, and even just nodding your head toward your instructor will increase your productivity.

Idle time is when your mind can wander and lead you off course.  One minute your are listening attentively, and then you begin to think about your other work you have due, or what you are going to wear this weekend. Remain in the conversation and the topic at hand, so you don’t allow idol time.

  1. Be Prepared

Every class length is different, and some might be over two hours long. A lot can happen in a two hour span, and you need to be prepared so that you can stay focused. I always make sure that I have a snack in my bag in case I get hungry. There is nothing worse than being hungry in class and being insanely jealous of the girl two rows in front of you that happily snacks away on her various treats. Packing your own snack will ensure that you stay active in class, instead of imagining what her food tastes like.

Your bag also needs to be appropriately packed for class. I always recommend to bring more than one writing utensil and to always have highlighters. Notes are fundamental to doing well in a class, and you do not want to miss any because your pen broke, or you forgot to highlight the important section.

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