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Are You Running out of Things to do This Summer? We Will Help You Get Unbored.

Summer Fun Blog


It’s the time of the year that everybody waits for all winter long. Finally we are able to sit outside again without getting frost bites, wear those shorts that have been laying in your closet for almost a year, and do more fun stuff. I always feel like there is so much more to do in the summer than in the winter. That’s why it’s my favorite time of the year. I constantly find new activities and sometimes have to push some off to the next summer. For others, the summer is much too long especially when they are on school break and they just don’t even know what to do with themselves anymore. That’s where I thought you might appreciate some ideas.


  1. Water is my best Friend in the Summer

If you live in an area that is generally extremely hot in the summer have some fun in the water.

Go to the beach if you live near the ocean. It’s the best way to relax and beat the heat. Make sure you bring lots of water and sunscreen

If you are not so fortunate to live on the coast turn on your garden hose or buy attachable sprinkler. This is especially a fun way to entertain kids.

Have a water fight in your backyard. Buy lots of water balloons, invite some friends and splash them. This might sound silly to grownups but if you combine it with a grill party and some booze I guarantee you it will be a blast.

Build your own slip-and-slide. Another one of those ideas you might think only children can enjoy but you haven’t been on an adult slip and slide then. Just make sure its long, maybe downhill, and you use some soap. The more slippery the better.


  1. Camping

You have never been camping? Now is the time to go explore the wilderness. There are many spots for camping, go on google and find out about camping spots in your area. I personally enjoy small, quiet camping spots that not many people know about. If you are a hiker you can even hike up a local mountain and set tent on top of it. Just make sure you follow camp regulations.


  1. Road Trip

Road trips can be fun when done with the right group of people. You can either, plan ahead and figure out exactly where you are heading, or if you are very adventures you can just drive and let the roads take you places you never knew existed.


  1. Zorbing

Ever heard of rolling down a hill in a giant plastic ball? Lots of people look at me with a big question mark when I ask if they have ever been zorbing. If you go online you might be able to find a place near you that does it. I promise you it is a blast.


  1. Disc Golf

Another of those activities that isn’t too popular but extremely fun and affordable. There are hundreds of disc golf spots across the States, all you have to do is buy some discs, which are relatively cheap and find a course near you. It’s very similar to Frisbee except the discs are a lot heavier and you are aiming for a metal basket. It’s also something you can do over and over again without getting bored because you can visit lots of different courses.


  1. Enjoy Local Events

Anywhere you live, towns and cities offer events, not only in the summer but year round. Personally, I think summer events are especially nice because you can be outside. Some of them might even be free. Check your local newspaper, read signs, and keep your eyes and ears open. I have had the pleasure to enjoy lots of free concerts because I always read through local flyers and newspapers.


  1. Get Active

Are you bored of sitting around go do some sport. There are a variety of outdoor sports, if you don’t like working out inside a gym during the summer. Some states have local leagues you can join. Go out for a run and sign up for a little marathon. Marathons become more and more popular and organizations come up with creative ways to make a run actually be fun, for those who don’t really like to run.


  1. Paddle Board

You don’t necessarily need the ocean to do paddle boarding. A lake is the perfect place for it because the water is nice and calm. Grab some friends and find a place that rents paddle boards. If you are in to it, you can maybe even buy your own and take it wherever you want.


  1. Find a new Hobby

You don’t know what to do anymore? Now is the best time to learn a new hobby. Think about something that you always wanted to try out and do it. There are so many things;  learn an instrument, learn a new sport, go rock climbing, try surfing, paint, acquire new skills. This is when you should do the things you always complain, not finding time for.


10. Explore a big City

If you live near a big city, go visit it. Cities are the best place to end your boredom. You can walk around, visit museums, find new restaurants, go shopping, go dancing, and  meet new people. Cities are fun places if you know how to take advantage of them.

There is absolutely no reason to be bored in the summer and if you still are, you are doing something wrong. Every year I am overwhelmed by the amount of activities live has to offer. There is no reason to sit at home when it’s nice out, unless you don’t like the summer.

How to Stay Healthy While Traveling

By Wieke von Scheidt

Summer is almost here, or at least we hope it is. This is the time of year when many take vacation to travel, and relax. Kids have long breaks and parents can use up some of their vacation days. If you are traveling this summer it’s a good thing to know some ways to stay fit. Health is something that is often forgotten while traveling. On your next trip try to keep some of these tips in mind.

Explore the Area

Before you travel, plan your trip. Buy a map or a travel guide with interesting places to visit. Once you get to your destination be sure to get out of your accommodation at least once a day and walk around outside. Going for a long walk, whether you are exploring the city, or strolling along the beach is a great way to relax the mind and keep your body going. If it’s raining you can visit museums, shopping centers, or other indoor places that allow you to walk around.

Eat Healthy

While on vacation it is always easy to just get a quick meal from any fast food restaurant, but it is better to take an extra five minutes to bring your own meal. It will also be better for your wallet. For the little hunger in-between you can pack snacks like apples, bananas, and my personal favorite, granola bars. If you still decide to go out to eat choose a restaurant that serves a variety of good foods and make sure to get some vegetables with your meals.

Be Active

Many hotels have amenities such as gyms, swimming pools, tennis courts, and so on. Even if the place you stay at does not offer any of these services, get creative. If the weather is nice, plug your headphones in and go out for a run, hike, or rent a bike. This is also a great way to explore the area.

Take the Stairs

If you stay in a room that is a couple floors up, and not all the way in the sky consider taking the stairs instead of the elevator. Have you been sitting all day, or spent a lazy day lounging by the beach? It will feel good to walk some stairs and maybe stretch. Anywhere you go you will probably find stairs, so make it a habit to use them.

Bring a Workout DVD

In case your hotel does not have any amenities you can always bring some workout DVDs and exercise in your room. Many hotel rooms have DVD players, or you can just bring your own laptop. This is a great way to get a quick workout in, especially if you don’t like exercising around people.

Vacations are a wonderful time to disconnect from our busy lives and truly relax. This does not mean you should take a break from your healthy lifestyle you normally follow. If you are used to working out and staying fit, don’t blow all that hard work by skipping it completely during your vacation. And if you love staying active it should not be a hard task to keep it up while traveling. Do you have any tips on how to stay fit and healthy while traveling? Share your tips and tell us how you stay active below, on our Facebook, or Tweet us.

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