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Clarex excitedly travels around the country supporting, cheering for, and engaging with YOU in a wide variety of events. Whether you’re a competitive athlete, a lover of sports, at a music festival, or even at a beer garden, we’d love to come down and hook you up with our gear and product. If you’re interested in our sponsorship, feel free to send a request here:

Helpful Knowledge:

What events do we sponsor?

Clarex is ideal for post-athletic, or post celebratory recovery. For the athletes out there: Clarex loves to help runners, walkers, bikers, swimmers and anyone else who wants to stay healthy. If enjoying the sun with a beer in your hand or dancing to your favorite band is more your style, we’re here to help, too! Either way, Clarex will get you back to 100% so you’re ready to tackle the next day!

What do you get?

Clarex is happy to provide FREE product in order to make sure you and your friends stay healthy, while still having a blast. If gear is what you’re looking for, we’re happy sell you t-shirts, hats, or water bottles upon request. Please note that Clarex does not pay sponsorship fees.

How do I request a sponsorship?

It’s easy! Just send us an email here:

How much product do we bring?

We will provide our recovery formula based on the event and the number of people we sponsor. We will ensure that you, your team and friends will have enough Clarex to help you get back to 100%.


About claritycorner

Recovery Formula A supplement formulated by Dr. Eugene Chan, Harvard MD and scientific innovator. All natural special blend without added caffeine or other stimulants. Take for: - hangover relief - afternoon crash - jet lag - caffeine jitters

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