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Summer Is Here!

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How Most of You Probably Spend the Weekends!

How Most Of You Probably Spend The Weekend!


It’s Friday and you just got out of work.

You get all dressed up.

Your friends are all ready to go.

It’s never too early to start drinking.

So you can get down on the dance floor.

Before you know it the evening gets all crazy.

The next thing you know, the night is over.

But before you go to sleep, it’s time for a snack.

After that, you and your friends pass out.

The next morning you have the biggest

The only thing that can help you now, is CLAREX.

So you are ready to go again.

On Monday you come back to work,

              Have a great weekend!



    Team CLAREX




Welcome to the Clarity Corner!

Here at Clarex, we are all about eliminating mental limits. With no caffeine or side effects, our all natural product promotes “the intelligent workout” or the perfect hangover relief.


Our blog will be featuring posts from Dr. Eugene Chan, Harvard MD and scientific innovator. Dr. Chan was voted one of the top 10 minds under 35 in the world by Esquire magazine. He is the innovative mind behind Clarex. There will also be posts from Eric Ballenger, fitness enthusiast and former competitor bodybuilder. They will both have weekly posts discussing their areas of expertise, and how Clarex should become a part of your daily routine.

Check back often, there’s always new content being posted.

You can reach us online at

Check us out at:

Our next post will introduce each team member and allow you to ask questions about how Clarex can help you in your daily life.

Have a day filled with focus, and eliminate mental limits with Clarex!


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